"Race to the Fair"
May 25 – 29, 2017

Rental Conditions

General Rental Conditions

It is the renter's responsibility to become familiar with all rental conditions. Renter will be held liable for all charges outlined in these general conditions.

  1. A non-refundable deposit may be requested at the time reservations are made for any building or other fairground facility, or when rental is challenged.
  2. A fee will be charged any time a building is held open for the purpose of setting up.
  3. A fee will be charged for any utilities left on overnight.
  4. Additional amounts will be charged for any of the following: Extraordinary setup requirements (including labor and equipment); extraordinary cleanup requirements.
  5. For larger activities, a dumpster must be supplied by the renter on request.
  6. Actual repair costs will be charged to responsible individual(s) for any damage to fair property.
  7. Following are the renter's responsibilities regarding cleanup: Tables must be cleaned after the event and returned to the racks. Trash, garbage, etc. must be placed in appropriate containers outside the building as provided by the fair. The bar area must be cleaned and all alcoholic beverages removed at the conclusion of the event. Any necessary sweeping or mopping is the responsibility of the renter. The building is to be left as you found it.
  8. All rents are due and payable in advance.
  9. Trailer rentals and concession fees are due and payable within 48 hours after the event.
  10. Parking for the general public consists of approximately 3,200 spaces. Parking for exhibitors at the south of the Commercial, Art and Education Buildings can accommodate from 40 to 80 cars.


Renters must provide insurance. If needed, renters may purchase Special Events Insurance by contacting the Fair office at 530.895.4666. Following is the California Fair Services Authority Special Events Rate Card. (Effective January 1, 2008)









  Under 100 





  Over 5,000  

Rate per day  







Cattle & Horse Sales

$135 per day

Horse Shows (USA Equestrian Rules)

$165 per day

Independent Animal Exhibitors (small livestock)

$18 per event (unlimited entries per family)

Independent Animal Exhibitors (large livestock)

$35 per event (unlimited entries per family)

Equestrian Facility Use

$35 per user (up to 3 months)

Food & Beverage Concessionaires & Exhibitors

$115 per boorth (duration of Fair)

All other Concessionaires & Exhibitors

$90 per booth (duration of Fair)

Golf Carts (unlicensed)

$75 per cart (duration of Fair)

RV Trailer Rally - Building Rentals (up to 3 days)

$40 for duration of stay (under 100)
$80 for duration of stay (over 100)

"Special Fairs"Arts & Crafts Exhibitors

$22 per booth (up to 5 days)
$35 per booth (over 5 days)

"Special Fairs" Food Concessions

$33 per booth (up to 5 days)
$50 per booth (over 5 days)

"Special Fairs" Group Purchase

Quote can be obtained upon request.

Dances, Concerts, other unlisted events

Liquor Liability (sales)

Gun Shows


**$1,000,000 LIMITS**

BLUE RATE CARD - Effective January 1, 2008

Valid until Further Notice