"Race to the Fair"
May 25 – 29, 2017


Ag-zibit presented by Chico Children's Museum

The hands on Ag-zibit includes many agriculture based kids activities featuring local products such as almonds, walnuts, rice, beef, dairy and corn. The building is staffed at all times with Chico State Ag Educations students to help guide kids and their families through the activities and answer as many ag related questions as possible. Kids entertainer Tanna Banana will also be strolling the building at various times each day as well as performing her show “Tanna Banana’s Storytime and Song”.

Ag-tivities include: milking a cow, collecting eggs from the chicken coop, pick walnut from a tree, shake an almond tree to collect nuts, pick potatoes from sand field, play with tractors in the rice bin, roping a steer, petal tractor course, and ‘My American’ Farm computer game stations.

BlueBEARy Bear & His Puppet Truck

One charismatic blue bear and one enthusiastically bad ventriloquist take over the Fair!

There’s a new BEARiff in town! Or, sometimes, a new farmer, or ring-master… BlueBEARy is a bear of many talents. Mostly he enjoys putt-putting around the fairgrounds with his pal, Nancy, in his shiny red mini-Model T truck meeting fairgoers, posing for epic selfies and singing silly songs. He is also great at helping guests find there way around the fair and offering suggestions for the best food, shows, exhibits and more.

Circus Imagination

Circus Imagination involves 20 to 25 children per show who actively dress up and join the circus. Old-fashioned fun rekindles educational play in the minds of children. Circus Imagination requires no skill or talent and the experience leaves children with a strong sense of imagination, resourcefulness and creativity. From Tina the Tightrope Walker who climbs a make-believe ladder 100 feet in the air, to Zazelle the human cannon, the audience is captured in spellbound amazement

Farm Babies

Farm Babies is fun for the whole family and a great educational opportunity for kids of all ages. Not only does the exhibit feature many different types of farm animals and their babies, there are trained docents from Chico State's College of Agriculture to answer all of your questions and share interesting facts. Farm babies include piglets, kids, chicks, calves, lamb, and don't miss goat mountain!

Incredible Hypnotist Richard Barker

Originally from the United Kingdom, he has spent the last 15 years entertaining thousands of people from the Cayman Islands to Las Vegas. His quick wit and charm have made him a crowd favorite.  He can hypnotize people on the spot with both his British accent and impressive feats of hypnosis.  Barker says, "I truly believe the people who volunteer to come on stage are my guests. They are the stars of the performance. I am merely the stage director, casting the right person for that part."  Richards show will have you intrigued, amazed, and on the edge of your seat. Most of all, Richard will leave you laughing. Once under his spell, you are taken on a hypnotic adventure that you will remember for years to come whether you are an active participate on stage or watching from the best seat in the house!

Pollywood Bird Show

Hollywood’s brightest and most colorful stars won’t just be seen on the Red Carpet this year… they can be seen LIVE at the Fair!

Nancy Riegler hosts the POLLYWOOD Bird Show starring super smart and savvy performing birds with a crazy, comedic edge. Meet bird stars seen on The Tonight Show, Animal Planet’s Pet Star, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and in numerous commercials, television shows and movies (Paulie the Movie). Enjoy an affectionate, behind the scenes experience highlighting the talent, personality, athleticism and intelligence of the bird performers plus learn some fascinating how did they do that Hollywood secrets. Silly singing and talking performing parrots as well as high-flying stunt birds perform along with rare exotic jungle stars and amazing trick performers.

Sea Lion Splash

Sea Lion Splash is a unique show that will have crowds cheering and laughing. The show is an educational show with a Splash. The sea lions will amaze crowds as they balance balls, shoot hoops, dance, perform handstands, and show their pretty smiles.
This is the only show in the U.S. to feature both California and South American sea lions.

Shawn Eric Magic Fun with People

The Official Silver Dollar Coin Magician of the Silver Dollar Fair!

Shawn has been performing for over 40 years Shawn Eric has been practicing and performing his magic and entertainment skills for over 40 years!

Currently Shawn is a magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts and a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Holllywood, California.

Silver Dollar Sam

The official mascot of the Silver Dollar Fair, Silver Dollar Sam, has come to life!

Sam and his pal Slim can be found wander around the Fair. Be warned though, Sam and Slim are known for their wise cracking hijinks, wild stories, and the cheesiest jokes west of the Mississippi.  

Skip Banks the Balloon Man

A nonstop cast of wacky characters Skip Banks has been featured on The Late Late Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show and Arena Halftime Shows around the world.

You will see Skip Banks, inflate a balloon before your very eyes and watch him wiggle his way into it, seal himself off inside the balloon, only to have just his head come flying out of the balloon while his body remains inside to the music of M.C. Hammer "Can't Touch This". A must-see-to-believe performance!

Tanna Banana's Storytime and Song

Tanna Banana grew up on a banana farm down in the great state of Louisiana…after being blasted out of the area by a storm – she landed on the west coast. As she makes her way to “home” – she stops and visits fairs throughout her journey spreading the knowledge of Agriculture through dance, story and song!

Join Tanna Banana at the Silver Dollar Fair for stories and singing. 

Wild West Turkey Stampede

You have never seen anything quite like these galloping gobblers. These all-American barnyard buffoons take the sport of racing to a seriously hysterical level. Colorful tom turkeys race wildly around the track pursuing their “prey” … Big Red, the remote control mini monster truck that has a few tricks up his fenders.

Their athleticism will surprise you. Their full throttle racing form will blow you away. And all the while, you will barely be able to catch your breath from laughing so hard, your belly aches!

Willy's Washboard Jamboree

Washboard Willy is a unique, interactive children's entertainer that provides a special combination of rhythm, sound effects, and comedy to delight everyone.  Willy's love of people and music shows in a special warmth, energy, and spontaneity that irresistibly captures one's imagination.

With his own kind of energy, Washboard Willy has become a Pied Piper of Rhythm for children of all ages.  His interactive style connects with all audiences.  During his performance he will pass out hand-held rhythm instruments to the kids and together they become Willy's Washboard Jamboree.