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Memorial Day Weekend Carnival and Food Festival

Butler Amusements

Butler Amusements, Inc. is proud to be a family owned and operated carnival.George “Bud” Butler founded Butler Amusements in 1970 along with his wife Evelyn and son Earl “Butch” Butler. After moving to California from Austin. Minnesota and selling the family grocery store to fund the purchase of their first carnival ride (a Tilt-A-Whirl!), he was soon joined by the rest of his family.Through their hard work and dedication to running the “Cleanest Show in the West,” the company continued to grow and is now the largest, safest, most award winning carnival operation in the Western United States. Butler Amusements continues Bud & Butch’s legacy as a family owned business today, which is now operated with active leadership and involvement from the fourth generation of Butlers.

Live Shark Encounter


One look into the eyes of a live shark and you will know the heart pounding "awe and fascination" felt by the Live Shark Experience visitors. Sharks have captured our imaginations for thousands of years, stirring the fears and fascination of ocean goers and scientists alike. Their legacy has been as misunderstood as it has been "old and bloody". Now more than ever, the importance of understanding this fascinating species is critical for its survival. Come, learn and be entertained at the Haai, Inc. Live Shark Experience!

Puppets and Players

Welcome to the world of imagination. As you watch a show presented by The Puppets & Players Little Theatre, it is easy to imagine yourself in some long ago, faraway land, as the marionettes move gracefully across the stage in this enchanting, one-of-a-kind, Italian Baroque Puppet Theater. The stage itself is fully equipped with high quality speakers and sound system, lighting and special effects all to help create a magical event for any occasion. All you have to do is invite your guests. The colorful characters are captivating as they sing and dance their way through wild and sometimes dangerous adventures. The stories are usually adaptations of familiar fairy tales. A glittering rainbow magically drop from the sky and dancing flowers may surprise you while silly scarecrows dance a jig. Wicked witches disappear in a puff of smoke and pirates that swashbuckle and boast, but never you mind… there’s always a “Happily Ever After.”

Saint Gabriels Celestial Brass Band

The Saints Are Coming! The Saints Are Coming! to a town near you: Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band is the "Only" Authentic New Orleans Traditional Jazz Funeral And Mardi Gras Marching Band west of New Orleans.

Come and see Saint Gambrels Celestial Brass Band Saturday and Sunday!

Crate Sprint Cars and Hobby Stock Racing Sunday !

Sunday night come and enjoy the thrill of racing! Local racers compete to win the Memorial Day Weekend Carnival and Food Festival Race

Races FREE with fair admission!

Fireworks Sunday Night !

Fireworks around 9:30pm after the races!

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