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Grounds Attractions

Sea Lions Splash

Experience an educational sea lion show!

The Roaming Rail Road

Keep an eye out for the Railroad Crossing signs for pickup just beyond the main gates!

All Alaskan Pig Races and Pedal Pullers

Porcine athletes competing full boar around a full-contact speedway. Flat track, hurdles, championship racing, and world class rooting sections. Fine family entertainment that five generations can cheer for and agree that, "You Never Sausage a Show

Pedal Pullers at the All Alaskan Pig Races

Jack Spareribs

Jack AKA: Ace Miles has been performing magic professionally since 1976. His career began with performances for corporate parties and picnics in the Silicon Valley. This quickly expanded to include school, church and library shows as well as adding juggling to his list of talents.

In 1978 Ace made his first television appearance on Evening Magazine while working as the resident magician at the Great America Theme Park in California. Several summer seasons performing both strolling and on stage at the amusement park eventually led to Ace producing, directing and performing his own themed stage shows for Paramount’s Great America in the late 90’s. One being the Indiana Jones spoof “Adventure Ace and the Test of Doom!”.

In the early 80’s Ace started studying ventriloquism and soon created the character Dudley the Talking Rabbit. Ace quickly became an expert ventriloquist and Dudley went on to become a huge hit in all of Ace’s shows. The highlight of the ventriloquism act is an original bit of business called “the Voice Switch”. Now that Ace is a pirate, the rabbit has been transformed into a monkey.

Over the years Ace has been seen in numerous television spots and commercials for companies like Toyota and appearances on the Disney Channel, Mornings on 2 and the A&E network’s Good Time Cafe with Ellen DeGeneres

Some of Ace’s strangest skills involve lying on a bed of nails, eating fire, swallowing swords and razor blades, unicycle riding, stilt and rope walking and escaping from straightjackets.

Buck Trout


While most campers head to the mountains, Buck Trout makes a bee-line toward festivals and fairs. A buck-toothed, nature loving puppet, Buck Trout prefers the laughter of children to the serenity of a mountain retreat.

Since 1995, Buck Trout has completed an estimated 50 cross-country trips making appearances at some of the largest events in the United States. This nationally known, fun loving puppet consistently promotes good values and encourages families to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

As Buck Trout drives around in his little truck, his zany antics and comical stories always make a lasting impression that brings smiles and laughter to children of all ages.

Suzy Haner Hypnotist

Come and become hypnotized by Suzy! Click here to watch a show!

Circus Luminescence

We are the award-winning vaudeville duo, Circus Luminescence. Our show and roving performances include partner juggling, comedy, and acrobatics! For evening shows we use programmable LED equipment!

Sandscapes sand Sculptures

With the experience of over 1,000 professional sand sculpture projects including World Record sand sculptures for height, length, size and 12 separate World Sand Sculpture Championship titles, Sandscapes defines ‘expertise’.

Puppets and Players

Welcome to the world of imagination. As you watch a show presented by The Puppets & Players Little Theatre, it is easy to imagine yourself in some long ago, faraway land, as the marionettes move gracefully across the stage in this enchanting, one-of-a-kind, Italian Baroque Puppet Theater. The stage itself is fully equipped with high quality speakers and sound system, lighting and special effects all to help create a magical event for any occasion. All you have to do is invite your guests. The colorful characters are captivating as they sing and dance their way through wild and sometimes dangerous adventures. The stories are usually adaptations of familiar fairy tales. A glittering rainbow magically drop from the sky and dancing flowers may surprise you while silly scarecrows dance a jig. Wicked witches disappear in a puff of smoke and pirates that swashbuckle and boast, but never you mind… there’s always a “Happily Ever After.”


Doctor Goodjohn's Magical Medicine Show
Throughout America’s past, in small towns across the country, Medicine Men gathered crowds of local citizens with fancy speeches, amazing demonstrations and flim flam, in order to sell their “patent medicine”. It was assumed all those great performances were lost forever... Well, modern health fans, you can breathe a sigh of relief because Doctor Goodjohn, the world’s leading expert on everything medical, will be sharing his knowledge with the public. (As soon as his parole is up!)

Dr. Goodjohn is one of the most experienced entertainers you could ever hope to meet. He has performed at Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, at the Calgary Stampede, California State Fair, Edmonton Klondike Days and hundreds of other fairs and festivals. Magic, storytelling and amazing demonstrations are always ready in his bag of tricks. The good doctor is equally at home strolling, on stage, and as a self contained attraction with his own wagon stage. He also makes a great Master of Ceremonies. The doctor is "in", are you ready to see him?

Shawn Eric

Originally from Ohio, Shawn began honing his skills at restaurants, parties, and festivals such as the Taste of Cincinnati. He traveled and worked in New York City, New Orleans (during Mardi Gras!), Boulder, Colorado, and Zurich, Switzerland where he studied with master magicians Slydini, Cellini, Johnny Fox, and others to learn the fine art of magic and street performing.
After a summer season at King’s Island amusement park, Shawn moved west to Arizona and continued his work at parties, festivals, and fairs. He was a featured performer at the Tempe Festival of the Arts for 25 years.
“We always appreciate how positive and happy you are.” Emily Bradley
Escaping the summer heat, Shawn spent several summers in Boulder, Colorado performing on the Pearl Street Buskers Academy and at many festivals and fairs throughout the southwest. Eventually, he took his show to the streets and festivals in Europe. Based in Zurich, he was able to ride the rails and perform in many cities from Oslo to Rome, from Berlin to Paris. From these early experiences, Shawn learned how to entertain all kinds of audiences in the most challenging of venues.
With his enthusiastic charm and strong magic, Shawn’s experience and versatility enable him to connect with and entertain audiences of all ages. He is a dedicated professional who loves magic and loves his audiences! Shawn’s mission is to entertain you and your guests with the very best magic… Impossible!

Steve Chaney the Ventriloquist

For 30 years Steve and his partner, “Corny Crow,” have presented their unique show for children and adults throughout Canada, from the east to west coast in the U.S. for fairs, festivals, schools and libraries. Either performing his hilarious show on stage or presenting his humor with a message to schools, Steve’s warmth and humor comes through in all his performances.

Butler Amusements

Butler Amusements, Inc. is proud to be a family owned and operated carnival.George “Bud” Butler founded Butler Amusements in 1970 along with his wife Evelyn and son Earl “Butch” Butler. After moving to California from Austin. Minnesota and selling the family grocery store to fund the purchase of their first carnival ride (a Tilt-A-Whirl!), he was soon joined by the rest of his family.Through their hard work and dedication to running the “Cleanest Show in the West,” the company continued to grow and is now the largest, safest, most award winning carnival operation in the Western United States. Butler Amusements continues Bud & Butch’s legacy as a family owned business today, which is now operated with active leadership and involvement from the fourth generation of Butlers.

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